Lab Facilities

Departmental Labs

The department has various dedicated laboratories those include Geo-materials, Transportation Materials Improvement, Transportation Computer Aided Design, Asphalt and Concrete Mix Design, Transportation Engineering Basic, Traffic Engineering, Motor Vehicle Examination, and is in a process of establishing Railway Engineering, and Geomatics Engineering Labs.  In addition, the other relevant laboratories required for teaching are shared with the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental and Geological Engineering Departments. The department is using latest state of the art software and tools for teaching and training purposes. The department has a well-stocked library with a large number of latest relevant books, journals and research publications.

Sr. No    Name
1 Asphalt  and Concrete Mix Design  Lab.
2 Geomaterials Testing Lab.
3 Transportation Materials Improvement Lab *.
4 Traffic Engineering Lab.
5 Transportation Computer Aided Design Lab.
6 Motor Vehicle Examination Lab.
7 Railway Engineering Lab*
8 Geomatics Engineering Lab *
        *In process of establishment.